IVE 아이브 ‘After LIKE’ (OUT NOW ver.)

#IVE #아이브 #アイヴ


  1. Winter Armamentuer

    Yujin!! 🥰🥰🥰

  2. 리옌_ Lynn(예원이네TV)

    난 끝까지 못가도 울 아이브는 끝까지가자…

  3. Camil Suarez Franco

    Esa melodía me hace recordar a gfriend🥹🥹😮‍💨

  4. 知能指数180ESPER SAITÔ


  5. يعنى المغنية الرائعة فيروز اغنيتها تصير مسخرة و ياخذوها الكوريين و بعدين لما يروحةو عندهم العرب مشان يشاركو فى الشركات يرفضوهم لأنهم مسلمين او لأنهم مو عاجبهم لأنهم عرب بس يسرقون اغانينا و تراثنا و عادى 😕

  6. Yujin’s talents and her charisma is out of world!! Leeseo looks gorgeus in ponytail!! 😍

  7. does liz have a line?

  8. I’m so proud of the girls!! to see how much they have achieved is so wow and in less than a year of debut

  9. Nurul Ain Mukhtar

    wony slays so muchhhhh

  10. Thé original song is by fairouz y’a saher El layeli ans please korean producers try to make original musicale Côme on stop taking from arabic cultures

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