It’s Time To Move On…

Thank you, we are going to see you people soon.

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  1. Wish you guys the best & hope you both grow for the better, and be as happy as you can possibly be✨ you guys deserve it! I know i can speak for all of us when i say we will always be here for you when you need us!

  2. I lost my older brother to cancer in 2014. I’m still processing things I felt and how things have changed. I think one of the biggest things that’s helped me is realizing that it’s ok to not know how to feel, it’s ok to be unsure, it’s ok to be confused or angry or sad . You don’t have to have everything figured out, the death of a family member is something that’s so hard to deal with. What you guys are doing, addressing it and talking about it is the first step. Just letting yourself feel and take whatever rises from that is how youre then able to work though it. But in addition to trying to just process your dads death and whatever other issues there are in your life, take care of yourselves, do whatever you want to do. Even though death is something that seems to take over your life, it doesn’t define you. Yes, you’re losing something that’s a big part of yourself, it’s like an open wound, but wounds heal, you may not ever get rid of the scar it leaves but you’re able to move forward with less pain. You guys are wonderful human beings, take your time and take care of yourselves. We all love you.

  3. Porrrnesian Parrrapio

    Ok time get depressed.. “GOING UP ON A TUESDAY” 🙁 ah I’ll miss the weekly Tuesday videos but as long as y’all are truly happy then sooo am I ?

  4. i wish i could hug them right now :(♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Here’s a video idea:

    A series called “enjoying life” where you do things, that you always wanted to do, maybe by throwing ideas on little papers into a bowl and just grabing one without looking and then just doing it, maybe also filming the planning of whatever it is… and showing every emotion you have during it all!

    Be raw, make life the most enjoyable for yourself and just have fun!

  6. tbh I was kinda scared at the beginning that they were quitting youtube or something, but now I’m honestly so excited for them:D

  7. զմҽҽղɑӏTM •

    this might get lost, but anyway i just want to say that, i was never expect them to be like this, because they were able to show their true feelings. but now i really see who and what they are. i will support you guys through everything, and every decision, i cried thru this, because my mom,whatever. but please enjoy your life, and please do what makes you happy, thats what I want, and for sure thats what everyone else want, please please just be yourself and post whenever you feel like ❤️ much love for you guys! hope you get better ill be here ❤️

  8. Wait t they leaving yt some explain

  9. I hate that you guys have to feel that you have to explain yourself to everyone. What you went through with your dad ?? I’m crying so hard right now. You both need to do what you want. I will always watch your videos, no matter if you only upload one video a month. Your true followers and subscribers will love you and support you both for you ? I can’t think of any other genuine guy YouTubers (apart from Shane) that I want to follow, support and watch. Your channel has grown because you’re both so real. People can relate to you. And we all love you for what you do and what you want to do. ? so please, do what makes you happy, because that’ll make us happy ?

  10. PROUD
    Major props for making change
    ❤️much love

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