It’s Like Writing On Paper. It’s Not Paper

The exceptional tablet features an e-ink display corresponding to an e-reader (Amazon Kindle and so on.). phenomenal is fine for perusing but where it truly glistens is as a digital notepad.


  1. Please unbox mi band 4

  2. how does it go? 3:23

  3. Was interested until I heard $500…

  4. My iPad Pro feels like paper with my paper light screen protector.

  5. Williams Sbardella

    Why don’t you just buy Paperlike screen protector and use it on your iPad?

  6. A sheet of paper – $ 0.01
    A thing that is supposed to give you a feeling – writing on paper – $ 500

  7. LakNarayanan Official

    Now it’s time for IPhone 11…..

  8. You cant ignore apple because you are a tech guy and you must be honest both way

  9. There seems to be a huge delay when drawing with it.

  10. You can buy a screen protector for the iPad that feels like paper

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