It’s A Fast BEAST…The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker!

So I got a build and it is completely running!
Will You Win The Can-Am Maverick?
Check Out Tom’s Bird House.

Watch MORR Videos:
The WORST Place To Get Stuck Ever!
Is This A Sign To Come For The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker?!

This Jeep BROKE My Rig… SWALLOWED By Sink Hole!

Is This A Sabotage For The Off Road Wrecker Games?!

This Is A Serious Mess!
You Took Your Hyundai Over 100 Miles Into No Mans Land!

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Thanks for viewing, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recuperation!


  1. In the heat of the summer, is that bird house a bird cooker? Sparrow wings vs Chicken wings?

  2. finally!!

  3. Great Job Tom Tom! I think you should send the bird house to Tony and the Tunes.

  4. I feel like my grin was just as big as Matts when he first started backing up. Great work! I can’t wait to see this beast in action.

  5. I have a couple of ideas I’d love for Matt’s team to bring to reality. I’d love it if Matt would set up a crowd funded project where a 6×6 is built and then sand recoveries tested for 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive and 6-wheel drive; then the same again with dualies at each axle. What do you think?

  6. 36:04 engineer stuff – torque is torque. you could put 100 extensions in there. the force is the same. power is lost, force is not

  7. Rack unit is 1.75 per rack it’s a 1 3/4 Tom

  8. Frankenstein? It’s alive!! It’s alive!!

  9. Happy Birthday (1) to The Off Road Wrecker!

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