Italy reaches the Euro 2020 final after beating Spain on punishments | Highlights | ESPN FC

After a tense beginning half the Italian’s find the breakthrough in the 60th minute when Federico Chiesa’s wonderful curling effort discovers the back of Unai Simon’s net. Alvaro Morata later equalizes for Spain in the 80th minute after a superior one-two with Daniel Olmo. With neither team able to find the victor after 120 minutes the game heads into a punishment gunfight where Italy exult through Jorginho’s match winning punishment.


  1. Montgomery Watkins

    Christ is the Lord and Savior
    No Peace without Repentance and Resurrection

  2. Christian Polychroniadis

    That Spain goalkeeper it is like Division 2 amateur….

  3. Italy being classic Italy.

    And Spain once again fell into what it suffered back in 2018 World Cup.

  4. There must be a better way to decide football games

  5. 9:36 sheeesh

  6. Peter Kostyrka

    does anyone else wish jon chapman would stick to mls games.

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