It Was Me, Barry

Today we take a 15 second joke and look how far we can stretch it

Reverse Flash voiced by the astounding @Gianni Matragrano


  1. Gianni Matragrano

    Collab of the century and Disney didn’t even have to buy us out… Yet.

  2. Gomez Toledo Nazareno Manuel

    the voice acting for zoom is amaizing

  3. TheBartolonomicron

    I love how he points out the logical fallacy of moving perishables through time the wrong way, I was thinking the same thing lmao

    • Yeah, if he was smart he’d bring already spoiled perishables to the store in the exact place Barry picked them from so that he would keep trying to get new food but it’s always be bad

  4. “it was me, barry” has been like a classic meme I’ve enjoyed for a while but this is by far the most creative direction I’ve seen it taken. Everyone else tried to one up that thing with him doing more and more creepy and weird things. you went the exact opposite with random, mundane bullshit and I love it

  5. How can Reverse Flash kill Flash‘s mom, he is so pure.

  6. The fact that he would take Barry’s bills and still deliver them is incredibly funny to me

  7. Reverse Flash.

    More diabolical than the Joker

  8. The hijinks of the Silver Age, plus the edge of the Modern Age.

  9. #32 on trending Go Solid jj…Also i expired your milk

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