It is time to speak about Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Watch #PLLOriginalSin on HBO Max!! Episodes 8-10 dropping this week!!

00:00 Intro
03:28 The Liars
04:46 Chapter 1
16:37 Chapter 2
21:36 Chapter 3
25:22 Chapter 4
30:06 Chapter 5
34:31 Chapter 6
41:19 Chapter 7
46:59 My theories and questions


  1. i was so sad wes was played by derek klena, my boy derek deserved better than being a creep

  2. HBO max better have paid you real real good cuz this is making me actually want to watch original sin

  3. I died a little inside when they mentioned Riverdale. Please don’t crossover. It’s too much.

  4. Being sponsored by HBO MAX is probably the biggest flex that I’ve ever seen

  5. Your recap is better than the show itself.

  6. Matheus Alano de Bem

    Great, I could only read “I.A.P.L.L.O.S.”

  7. Alexia Gomez Music

    I love me some mikes micand I love me some drama I wasn’t planning on watching but since my friend here said I should watch I will

  8. I wasn’t prepared for the level of SA and violence associated with it in the show… do we really need like… 4 or 5 separate storylines about it? I say no thanks. Give me other forms of trauma please.

  9. Ok ok wait. During Imogens scene where she gets a text her English teacher is talking about how a lady has to wear a RED LETTER “A” AROUND HER NECK FOR BEING A SINNER. Now I don’t know if that was just a lil tease but it had me thinking.

  10. Idk after seeing the first 7 episodes I’m reallyyyyy thinking aria is a I mean it just makes SENSE luv!

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