‘It is different’ when Kawhi Leonard dominates – Draymond Green | 2019 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green holds his press briefing before Game 1 of the NBA Finals vs. the Toronto Raptors and discusses his claim to being the finest defensive participant in the league, the impact Raptors celebrity Kawhi Leonard has, and Green’s high level of play.

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  1. 1:45 cringey

  2. Robert Dombrowski

    What no tech during the interview. Wow. I respect him more

  3. Masked Masters

    I am the best or I will kick you in the nuts.

  4. Saying “I’m the best defender…” isn’t the same thing as saying “I strive to be or believe I can become, the best defender ever.”

  5. Roberto previlon

    The kid dropped off in the neighboorhood is a good analogy

  6. HeeM THe Menace

    This is exactly why I fw draymond. Great answers to all questions and understands his role completely.

  7. Big up 2 green, he did a proper interview.. big up.. bk all day…….

  8. Tolulope Akadiri

    I do not know how to feel about that first part

  9. Great answers by d green much respect

  10. Reporter :If he’s claw what are you
    Draymond: I’m donkey

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