It is a GOALIE GOAL for Ullmark!

In an uncommon hockey prevalence, Linus Ullmark snipes a full ice empty netter for a goalie goal and seals a triumph for the Boston Bruins over the Vancouver Canucks


  1. What is so historic about this? It’s only been 2 years since the last time it happened. Goalies try it all the time. Now,say it was one of those CRAZY circumstances where the equipment manager is forced to dress and unexpectedly being called into the game and HE scores a goal…THAT’S history. This is just another goalie selfishly risking icing the puck in a 1 goal game. I can’t wait till Boston does what 95% of the presidents cup winning teams do and get snuffed in round 1 by a team who’s been GRINDING for the 2 months leading to the playoffs just to make it. Clearly they are already on cruise control,riding that cloud of luck

  2. IRL cheat codes😂

  3. John or Jane Doe, it doesn't matter.

    Jaw dropping goal 🏒

  4. Le le le le le legend!!!!

  5. Christopher Johnson

    Better than a soccer ball

  6. this announca ba-lows


  8. Boston Personalism for a New Age

    “That’s the kind of teammate I want,” Orr wrote.

  9. That really wasn’t that impressive.

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