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  1. Appreciate the recent love you guys have been giving me. Its been very difficult behind the scenes with my recent health issues. Content creation has always been my release, and I’m gratified to know you all have been enjoying my content recently
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    • flu world order

      What health issues? I hope u make a full recovery!

    • Patrick Gonzalez

      Agreed what health issues? There’s no question your an incredible nba content maker but iv seen you mention your health issues an alarming amount of times and still don’t know what’s up? It kind of seems like something terribly wrong is going on with you health wise and I hope you are able to make it through whatever is going on.

    • I really have started to watch your stuff everyday

    • Que Hotstean.Cam encantan tus Momento videos.
      Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera….

    • Get well. Your doing a great job. This video is currently #24 on trending.

  2. I really wish the Nets had build on the team tgey had with D’Loading. In all reality, I wish they didn’t make that Boston trade back in the Paul Pierce days.

  3. Haha. – LA signing Kyrie – his jersey might be used for 20 games or so per season

  4. Pay him hourly – $12/ hour when he clocks in – hold him to the same low standard one might hold a cashier at a grocery story – as of the past 3 seasons, Kyrie couldn’t even cut it as a janitor at 7-11. He would have been fired for constant delinquency

  5. tell KD the USA ballet team has a very promising stacked ballerinas, im sure he will join them..

  6. You keep speaking about kyri as if baseball and teammates are on his mind. His mind is vacant. He has nothing of importance on his mind

  7. The Black Kakashi

    Kyrie on KD: I can trust that mfer
    KD on Kyrie: I don’t trust that mfer

  8. Kely Dorestil97

    Kd bout to go on a 3peat all I kno.

  9. If KD allows Kyrie to leave then he’s a whole fool and so is Kyrie

  10. The Bronx Boglehead

    One of the things i think we’re learning is that I think super teams are huge risks. the perfect team to me is one with two superstars and another star + solid role players. Think MJ/Pippen/(Rodman or Grant) or Shaq/Kobe/fisher. The heat didn’t dominate until Bosh took a back seat and even then their depth suffered because of the three superstars so they never became a dynasty. The warriors never had 3 super stars. 2008 Celtics only won one championship. And I can’t think of any others.

    I know many dynasties in the 80s and before were stacked with HOFs but I think that’s different considering how they didn’t have to sacrifice a lot to get to that point. If anyone disagrees let me know.

    I just think this super team thing is a failed experiment because you rely too heavily on the health of 3 (often older and aging) super stars. And when you rely so heavily on these guys it not only comes at the detriment of depth but it increases opportunities for injury for your dominant cast. Since they’re carrying more of the load. And all it takes is one injury to end the team.

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