Israel Adesanya Reacts to INSANE UFC 275 PPV

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya responds to the UFC 275 Pay Per View.

Edited by: Stayhydrated.mp4
Shot by: Jeff Sainlar
Produced by: David Adesanya

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    KO of the year & Fight of the Year front runners?

  2. I deserve the giveaway mostly because ufc is the only sport I watch and I pay for all of my PPV lol. But in all seriousness I’m a student of the sport and hope to see myself in a cage one day

  3. i want to go watch UFC 276 since a friend just flew to the USA and could come with me. big fan from spain

  4. KurruptGamingHD

    I deserve the opportunity to win because there is no sport I watch or even admire other than MMA and the UFC organization. And my one wish is to see you atleast ONCE perform LIVE before you decide to leave the sport. I am even trying to get my girlfriend into UFC and I think given this oppurtunity she would LOVE this. I have only been to one UFC event but I never have seen Israel Adesenya as the main event and that is the dream.

  5. Yoo I’m a recent ufc fan tbh because one of my friend got me into it. That would make a crazy surprise for him (and for myself too abviously aha) 👏🤝

  6. Panda Palooza12

    Pick me and I’m gonna work on getting Jared a year supply of Ky Jelly. Plus I’ll get a tattoo of whatever you want on my leg after you win. Have a great tail end of camp champ.

  7. plsdnttkeourguns🙏


  8. Who needs a post fight conference when Izzy is here! Champ shit all day!

  9. Izzy man you have simply changed my life. I first started watching MMA years ago and it taught me a lot in life. I grew up without my mother or father in my life and raised myself for the most part. I always needed an outlet to forget about what was going on in my life at the time. One thing watching MMA taught me, from watching the countdowns and watching videos of fighters training before fights like the videos you post, is the power of pure hard work. It has lead me to accomplish great things in life at just the age of 22 I put myself through college and just graduated last month. I am currently an intern strength coach for my universities team and going on to become a graduate assistant pursuing my masters degree all on my own pure hard work. It has been a dream of mine to watch a UFC event in person and I have not yet had that opportunity. Especially an Israel Adesanya fight because you quickly became my favorite fighter in the UFC, you taught me about confidence and swagger and believing whole heartedly in yourself. You embody this superpower of confidence while backing it up every single time with your hard work. You are truly an inspiration to me and I would be extremely lucky to share such an experience with someone I consider such an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do for the MMA community and the everyday person like myself.

  10. I would love to just get away I been so overwhelmed with everything it would be nice to sew fights and vibe out. Would be a dream come tru

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