Israel Adesanya & Dave Blakamoto React to DRAMATIC UFC 278 PPV

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya & Dave ‘Uncrowned 145lb Champion’ Blakamoto respond to the Dramatic UFC 278: Usman vs Edwards 2 PPV.

Shot and Produced by: Bolu & David Adesanya
Edited by: Stayhydrated.mp4

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  1. Trilogy at Wembley Stadium?
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    • look I am on my wife’s YouTube but for me I have been a fan for years of Usman and just like everyone out there as a fan we are all the time saying this guy could beat him or that guy. but when such a great fighter like a Usman does get beat and, in that way, it hurts as a fan, but I think Usman will be back and he will take back the belt, but dana should give him some time to recover from this fight god bless

    • Fuck yessss

    • USMAN gets his belt back

    • Adesanya Vs Costa for the middleweight Championship

  2. Against The Ropes with Dos


  3. No hard feeling but After Usman lose, MMA fans now can imagine the three thrones of Africa will be dethrone in 2022 (If Adesanya lose in UFC281 and If Ngannou fight and lose in UFC282)

    A question is, the things can be real or just only imagine?

  4. Israel make sure most of them do and copie your style to find away how to beat theirs Opponents. Otherwise Leon couldn’t Usman. He trys it like what u did to Costarica😄

  5. with 1 min left and 1 win away from tying with anderson silva devastating loss

  6. Don’t worry the bums commenting about Izzy not being aggressive enough clearly are behind mentally. If YOURE the champ. You’re encouraged to sit back a bit more you don’t need to step on no gas pedal that’s the contenders choice and if he wants to sit back and look for openings idc that’s his problem I’ll sit back and slip and land my shots every minute. Blame the contender for it not being entertaining ya bums


  8. Adessanya will be KOed by Poetan very soon 😁

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