Isiah Thomas gets booed by the First Take crowd for his Bulls-Pistons take

Detroit Pistons debate.
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  1. Steven A is a dork. Isaiah Thomas is salty. ?

  2. Oooooh you got to love IT, only man to beat MJ, Bird and Magic on the way to a chip.

  3. What people forget was those Bulls teams struggled against teams with dominant Centers. Two attack two-way wings aren’t necessarily the formula but we’ll find out come playoffs.

  4. Toronto player Giannis like he’s the best player but didn’t have a good enough team

  5. Detroit vs chicago in the playoffs is Detroit 4 Chicago 1 if you include 2005.

  6. Isiah is the only player from Chicago that can get booed by his own city

  7. Stephen A. You don’t become the best player. I’m the world by winning the regular season

  8. “Highest in history if the season ended this year” yeah max I think it’s gonna end this year ?

  9. Giannis was bringing the ball down the court last year and Bud never adjusted until this year. Giannis is the picker and roller now and gives up the ball. Not even close to the same team offense. A little late on Bud’s part. And let’s not forget…..who had the second best record in the league last year? …that’s right ….Toronto……by what 2 games? The rest of the cast on that team didn’t play well and game three went to double overtime with Giannis fouling out with over 4 minutes left in the last period.

  10. Max is a funny dude. Lol

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