Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) – Smarter Every Day 263

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  1. @John Miller Well it might not give you any more cryptographic protection, but what it *might* give is sufficient ease of use for more people to use it.

  2. @Jacob Paint It’s an analogy made to simplify. If we are discussing which groups of people should suffer due to our actions or inaction, and I bring up the trolley problem, it’s not a straw man. We often simplify complicated topics, then move back from the simplified model back to the complex to see the areas where the simple model breaks down in its representation of the real matter. Since we both know now, it’s an overly simple model, let’s work together to point out how the conclusions of the model can’t fit the situation.

  3. Trust them?? Dude I don’t trust you… Youre definitely up to something and i dont even like looking at you. Weirdo

  4. @Jacob Paint If every person on the planet was monitored 24/7, think of all the good that could do. You signing up for that?

  5. I am a big privacy awareness fan and everything you said is true and important, but the question has not been answered: what replace user data in your new engine? Ultimately, what pays the bills of this ideal internet?

  6. Right after the video I got an ad for some cloud storage… love the boldly ironic nature of this brave new world.

  7. *Sponsored by Brave*

  8. In 2014 I went to see the doctor I was paranoid. I thought my phone was harvesting data. He said I was deluded and had suspected Schizophrenia. 7 years on and it seems as if things like freedoms of speech, expression and movement are nothing than illusions. Nostalgic wet dreams from a bygon era. Unless your phone is off. A boiled frog.

  9. I’m in. People should watch this!

  10. lots of cash-e ; )

  11. This is an agenda that I’m absolutely okay being fed.

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