In Episode 204 of Mike Finnegan’s Garage we hang out at Motor Trend’s Roadkill Nights event, which is powered by Dodge. The event is distinct because the city of Pontiac, Michigan, allows Roadkill to hold road legal drag racing right on Woodward ave. Newbern and I drove the Roadkill ramp truck there while hauling treasured payload as a part of a truly cool forthcoming episode of Roadkill, which you can see of Motor Trend Plus streaming app. Instead of drive all the way back home to Georgia with an empty ramp truck, we chose to purchase a truly rusty and somewhat butchered pro road 1970 Dodge Charger. The automobile is a mess but I have a vision and several used speed parts that will someday go on this car. In the meantime, enjoy the trip and the fun of celebrating Mike Cotten’s new car that he bought at RKN as well!
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