Is there ANY reason to purchase Intel?

Lisa Su is now rolling in dolla dolla bills, you all.




  1. I’m not sure why, but I really dig Anthony he seems like such a decent genuine guy.

  2. That’s like asking “Is there any reason to buy Apple?”

  3. Anthony sure is funny to look at

  4. Anthony!!

  5. Digging that set.

  6. You need to sort out which camera you are looking at 😉
    Guess we now need to see water cooled Radeon on Linus channel.
    Time to cut a block on the CNC machine 😉

  7. Anthony i love your work and your vioce is very smooth but loose some god damn weight.

  8. after amd went to 7nm , they still struggling to beat intel in gaming.
    they are good in what they were from the beginning : stream, photoshop, video creation and workstation in general.
    after that launch intel is still at the top as a king, i was surpriced but then i asked myself ” *how can you beat in 1 year, the king whos standing at the top for a whole generation?* “

  9. Daniel Anishchenko

    love this format

  10. Not currently, no…

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