Is Smoked CAKE a Good Idea?

Random Nation!
In today’s video clip we are testing out three different desserts and seeing what outcomes we get by baking them in a smoker.

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  1. You should’ve done half in the oven and half in the smoker then compared them.

  2. Can we have a video with just callie playing with fireworks? Lol. Thatd be fun. ?

  3. Dominic Ramirez

    Moist supreme. I’m sure that was some girl’s nickname in college.

  4. Smoke and chocolate NEVER mix well…

  5. Dominic Ramirez

    The music playing when you were trying the brownies sounded like the theme of a fat guy strutting down the street.

  6. 4 t h
    O f
    J u l y ?

  7. Try it with regular barbecue briquettes

  8. I had the funny thought of how far can one crayon be draw out for in distance

  9. The edge brownies ate the best

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