Is Minecraft 1.19 A Disappointment? What Went Wrong With The Wild Update?

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  1. Personally, i think this update is great! The problem here is communication not content IMO! 🙂

    • Oh, 100% a communication blunder. I don’t think the community have hard feelings toward Mojang though, people make mistakes and Minecraft updates are free. I think is good that the community is criticisng the way this update was handled as it helps make future updates’ reveals better. Being apologetic for a company just doesn’t keep them honest.

    • I TOTALLY AGREE. I won’t be frustrated if they called this Caves and Cliffs III or something else rather than the not-so-wild “The Wild Update”. The stuff they put are awesome, don’t get me wrong. It’s like watching a delicious cheeseburger ad but looks totally different from the product. That’s why I’m frustrated.

    • Great video, I was wondering if you could make a second video, focusing more on the way the community responded. I think it could be a good educational moment for everyone.
      That there is actual people working on the update, that probably love the game more than any of us. That at least some of them undoubtedly have had restless nights because of the things that have been said from the community.

    • @Durnibar I honestly like the Warden and how it was done. It was all the things they said they’d do that is the problem. And there’s a lot of ways to nullify the Warden, it’s not as scary as sold, some wool blocks or the gamerule can make it irrelevant, just handle it like fire spread – turn it off lol

    • @TheVixen38 your “they lied about promising or Minecraft Live is mere fantasy” is the most powerful statement I’ve heard.

  2. The issue is that Mohjang keeps over promising in an attempt to create more hype than the last update.

  3. I hate the 1.19 update and I hate the warden why can’t minecraft be good again

  4. I saw a comment saying that they could have just called them glowflies instead of fireflies so that they’ll be classified as mystical creatures instead of real ones.

  5. James Keeling gaming

    Mojang are the problem. They are not fit to look after the game.

    It’s time for a new minecraft style game.

  6. If not for the expectation of the Birch biome overhaul, and the fireflies (Both of which were things I have been wanting in MC for years). I would have loved this update. A new Biome, new mobs, a whole new underground city/biome with a big scary boss to avoid instead of fight, chest boats. Its all great! But it feels like a big chunk is missing because of the poor communication, and it leaves me wanting more.

  7. People are so entitled these days and expect every thing to be exactly how they want it. Realistically though none of us are paying for any of these updates so the minecraft team is fantastically generous working so hard to basically give us a free expansion every year. I think that they have done a great job and we should all be grateful

  8. Respectable Username

    I think 1.15 is the perfect example of how to do an update. Don’t overpromise, and do that one thing you do promise really well. Buzzy Bees has some of the least new content (because they were focusing on tech debt IIRC), but they did the bees really well so people were happy! I think they need to get back to either promising less, or giving themselves longer to deliver on the bigger promises. If you overpromise, you can’t help but disappoint people

  9. this dumb people saying because its not “REALLY WILD UPDATE” idiots grow there are lots of definations of Wild update what they talking not just a literal “WILD” update idiots!

  10. Kate_isAwesome120

    Vanilla Tweaks has been updated to 1.19.
    Please make the arms and legs mirrored on Vanilla Tweak’s “zombie pigman” texture pack.

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