Is It Time For The Banana To Go?

So I got a new build. It is time to give some t.l.c to my most relied on recuperation automobile.

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We’re Stranded In The Morrvair…

Why Did A Dodge 3500 Dually Go Off Roading?

Barracks Trail Gives The Team Some Major Troubles!

Semi Truck Get’s Buried At Sand Hollow!

Are We Really Going To Pull This Dead Jeep Up There?!

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Tires on yellow banana!

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Thanks for viewing, from all of us at Matt’s off-road restoration!


  1. Hellcat swap

  2. BAIT MUCH!? but yeah you better keep the banana 😀

  3. Hearing protection! Please!

  4. 20 seconds in the video and I almost had an heart attack!!!

  5. Awesome. Good idea on the upgrade. That Banana is a beast.

  6. Pfew i was scared a second
    I thought you where going to scrap it

  7. Are you joking polyeurathane bushings are far superior to the old rubber crap that just dries up and rots.

  8. Build standards
    1 Style
    2 Function
    3 Comfort
    4 safety

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