Is It Possible to Beat Cuphead Without Jumping?

leaping? in cuphead? definitely not.

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Chapter List:
0:00 Intro
1:15 Chapter 1: Aviary Adversaries
1:39 Chapter 2: Beginner’s Bouts
2:20 Chapter 3: Chalice Challengers
3:30 Chapter 4: Dashing Duels
4:42 Chapter 5: Puzzling Parries
8:50 Chapter 6: Final Fights
13:50 Chapter 7: Run N Guns

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  1. Naw if you are gonna beat the game and claim you didn’t have to jump. Then you also have to do the tutorial. If not then you have not beatin the game with our jumping

  2. Greyson DeGrave

    you got a shout out in another no jumping cuphaed video

  3. just_a_random_crusader

    Hilda and wally:🥲

  4. this is insane

  5. Can you do danganronpa without jumping

  6. Can you play Kirby star allies without jumping?😀

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