Is Interstellar Travel Impossible?

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Space is pretty fatal. But is it so fatal that we are effectively confined in our sun system everlastingly? Many have stated so, but several have really worked it out.

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Hosted by Matt O’Dowd
Written by Matt O’Dowd
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  1. Finally an episode that I understand from start to finish 🤓

  2. i think one thing we should try is a practical sized high speed probe. it measures things like collision count and internal temperature to guage a real life example of what were really up against.

  3. Nope… not possible. Go back to school and while your at it stop funding PBS.

  4. Biological beings like ourselves are just not well suited for interstellar travel, period. I think that one of the problems with SETI is that it assumes that aliens will be purely naturally-evolved biological beings like ourselves, and I find this to be a VERY naive assumption for a civilization that survives for thousands of years at a tech level high enough to colonize space. Maybe we’ve missed alien signals because we’ve spent all our time looking at Sun-like systems like Tau Ceti, while artificial beings who can be engineered to live anywhere prefer habitats around higher-output stars like Sirius. Maybe they even deliberately leave the Sun-like stars alone, so that we’ve literally been looking everywhere that they aren’t.

  5. Aleksandar Milanov

    I wonder! If we do not need to leave the Solar System, should we be travelling to other solar systems before we become a Type 2 civilization. The Solar System is not the galaxy, but we still have plenty to explore and colonize. We do not even have a permanent base on an extra-Earth body.

  6. Biology creeps in here unmentioned. Isn’t it hard to say how unrelated life forms could withstand cosmic radiation? If our biology is especially sturdy, then this topic could still be a reason for the Fermi Paradox; if we’re oddly fragile, then the Fermi Paradox becomes weirder. Calculating some kind of typical radiation exposure on the surface of habitable exoplanets could inform us on evolutionary limitations (how much radiation life would have to be able to withstand), but the second step—evaluating radiation effects on undreamt-of alternatives to DNA—seems much harder. Even DNA- and RNA-based organisms have a startling diversity of mechanisms for genome preservation.

  7. Ok @Pbsspacetime First thing i have zero interest in listening to a stoner read a script.. judging by the shine on his eyes he is 5 sheets and gone

  8. The amount of brain dead hogs on this planet makes me think otherwise.

  9. Pffft easy! cure cancer and invent and perfect energy deflector technology. Simple 😉

  10. The OORT cloud would destroy us

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