Is Civilization on the Brink of Collapse? And Could We Recover?

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At its height, the Roman Empire was home to about 30 % of the world’s populace, and in many ways the pinnacle of human enhancement. Rome became the very first city in history to reach one million occupants and was a center of scientific, legal, and fiscal progress. An empire unfeasible to topple, stable and rich and mighty.
Until it was not anymore. First leisurely then all of a sudden, the strongest civilization in the world collapsed. If this is how it’s been over the ages, what about us today? Will we lose our industrial science, and with that our greatest accomplishments, from one dollar pizza to cellphones or laser eye surgery? Will all this go away too?


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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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  2. i’m more interested in the way that people would rebuild or recover a civilisation because i’m curious on the way that they would recover up close with all the hardships that comes with it. also when it does happen i want a front row seat to watch the madness happen with a snack on hand

  3. I saw an among us reference

  4. Um.. why aren’t China and India in the ‘Ancient Civilizations’ chart?

  5. From the fire and ashes, humans always seem to find away to persevere and triumph over the chaos and build into something more because of it.

  6. Lord Of Chaos Inc.

    Mh the faster cycles in the internet/globalization age means the next collapse is starting sooner. One thing not to forget. It might be one thing to rediscover a technology or create new art from the ashes but the ressources we wasted up to now or the co² we emitted that can’t be redone again. The following civilisation would have to live harder lives and less luxurious maybe do farming and less tech obsessed.

  7. This video was bad for my anxiety

  8. I was gonna watch this but I’m to lazy to get lectured

  9. Everyone is slamming on this one but I like the optimism.

  10. I think that doomsday libraries need to be built under public buildings just in case, but I doubt anyone would ever actually do it.

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