Is Buzzfeed OK? (ft. Drew Gooden)

No, truly, is Buzzfeed ok? Drew Gooden and I take a maddeningly difficult quiz that asks an easy question: is this a real Buzzfeed Quiz, or not? Let us know how you did in the remarks below to make us feel even worse!

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  1. 15:00 can’t be real because Buzzfeed never doubts themselves. They don’t ask if they can guess, they say they will tell YOU

  2. I somehow got 6

  3. You know what, Jack? I did cry like a bitch at marley’s death. And I’m not afraid to admit it

  4. 22:57 lol sydney

  5. TheHedgehogGiraffe

    5:52 a…flowchart, you say?

  6. Kathryn Roessler

    Loving this content! Council crushing it again. Follow up questions, when’s Erin is the Funny one coming back????

  7. The little edits like Jack being upside down on the Ariana Grande cover are very nice!

  8. 1:47 Drew, don’t li! You had a video with Danny where you two took buzzfeed quiz like a year ago

  9. I got an 8!

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