Is Bretman Rock Moving to the Jungle? | 30 Days With: Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock is interchanging his sheen for a blade as he gets ready to spend 7 days alone in the jungle. But before he can arrive there, he has to study the basics at Boot Camp. Can he make it without any makeup and WiFi?

0:00 Bretman’s Crazy Dream
2:30 21 Days Until Bootcamp
5:01 24 Hours To Go
6:44 Bretman’s Last Meal
9:15 Bootcamp Begins
11:13 The Jungle Warrior
13:52 Gather Your Nuts & Fire
16:40 Building A Jungle Home
18:12 Bedding Down In Bootcamp


  1. I need to watch the next episode. What? this looks so bomb!

  2. The way they climbed the coconut, I could never!! Coconut trees in the PH has a alternating chipped sides for easy climbing but that coconut said, “I’m different”

  3. I need to know the rate of that coconut water haha

  4. this felt so long and I can’t wait to see more episodes of bretman!

  5. Miss Kay is so cute.
    “Remember to find water first!” <3

  6. Omg he is the guy who husked a coconut with teeth

  7. GauravSampang Vlogs

    God.. I can’t wait for another episode

  8. Edward Gonzales

    love you Bret

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