Is a Cat Delete Worth It?

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For centuries human beings have had an unanswered question: ARE TEST PIPES WORTH IT? Well today we are going to instruct you how to make your own test pipe and then take it to the Dyno to look at precisely how much of a power bump we get it! Let us do some race automobile things bby.

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  1. Harrison Rawlinson

    ‘Welding is a money pit’
    Very true, but your welder does have a better HD display than my TV

  2. The adds that I got during this vid where for Mazda CX-3, CX-30 and CX-5.

  3. Without watching. Yes of course it is. Now to enjoy some donut content.

  4. Without watching. Yes of course it is. Now to enjoy some donut content.
    Edit: For the love of rice don’t straight pipe your exhaust, spend the money on a resonator.

  5. Is that to be expected to get a substantial jump in hp and performance just from a cat delete?

  6. 5:49 carbon dioxide is also used for suacide



  8. Can you make proton plssss

  9. Pls donut media

  10. 5 more HersPers… yup, fuck the ozone! The american way….

    Sorry but you just lost a subscription…

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