Irish People Try Disgusting Alcohol Shots – Spherical 2

Yes, one of these is called a “Bloody Tampon” and of COURSE our Irish People tried it…

More Information:
In an earlier video clip on the channel, we had a select few of our Irish People try some of the most heinous alcohol shots we could find. Seeing as you all took pleasure in that video clip so much, we chose to bring the notion back – and get a new group in to taste test some distinct mixes!

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  1. What did you think of the shots this time? Vile & icky or not disgusting enough!? Give us some suggestions for more…unique shot ideas in the comments below! 🍸Did someone say…round 3? 😈

  2. The sad cloud should be called a obscurus.

  3. 2:08 is me 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Stephanie Schwer

    The last one was basically a shot of Bloody Mary I feel like that’d be good haha

  5. Watch Letterkenny. It’s so enjoyable

  6. Bigger shots, I wan´t to see my favourite irish folk, drunk, funny and loud 🙂 (and I want to see Dwermont & Ciara paired!) <3

  7. These videos should be renamed to “most annoying people on the planet who obviously have never drank in their lives drink for the first time “

  8. Lol… Tic-tak-toe shot glasses… i have that game too 😀

  9. I can do rounds of all those! You tossers.

  10. Bloody Tampon, the loophole to earning your Red Wings!

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