iPhone 15 Pro – EVERYONE is WRONG!

There was a lot of criticism this year about the iPhone 15 Pro being a small update, but it looks like this update turned out to be bigger than most people give it credit for and here are a few reasons why I think it sold out to be the most popular iPhone model by far.


  1. Really appreciate your unique thoughts on this! I feel very informed and glad that I pre-ordered early

  2. I bought the plus based on your previous video. I am upgrading from an iphone 11 pro. So any upgrade will be worth it!

  3. Apple should have more than enough iPhones to go around now that China has banned them

  4. I have been using an iPhone 8 for a few years since it was the last model to have the home button. I find very few reasons to upgrade due to my basic use case, so the primary selling point for me with the iPhone 15 Pro is USB-C.

  5. When I go into the Apple Store app it says available for in store pick up on 9/22. If it’s available for in store pick up does it still count as sold out?

  6. Life is good! The hair is amazing!
    Such a funny vid!!

  7. Yes, Tmobile was giving $1000 trade ins and I got an iPhone pro max that’s coming in November.

  8. Calling mobile games AAA games feels so goofy lol

  9. I’m glad to upgrade my cell to the iPhone 15 Pro Max (Blue Titanium) after having the same phone for the last several years. The change in charging connection is a big deal for me ( thank you EU Regulators for forcing Apple to transition to USB-C). Having a ton of random charging cables is not good for consumers and for the environment. Having a universal solution means you can use the same chargers for all of your current devices, which is great for home use and travel.

    I’m also excited about some of the photo and video capabilities for film projects and photo taking for art projects.

  10. I’ll be switching over from long term Android use. I’ve ordered a 15 pro max 512Gb. This will be my first iPhone since the 4s

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