iPhone 14 TEARDOWN! – You are not going to believe it…

Finally – an iPhone that’s more reparable than an Android! Check out https://www.Ridge.com/JerryRig & use code ‘JerryRig’ to get 10% off your new wallet and FREE world wide shipping. The new iPhone is here! The iPhone 14 survived my durability test and now we get to see how its assembled. Screen comes off easy! And now… what is this… the back glass comes off easy too?! Who abducted Tim Cook? Blink twice if you need help…. I for one am extremely pleased with the direction Apple is going… a few more steps like this and I might just have to see how it feels having an iPhone in my pocket…

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Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the outcomes, whether or not they are good or bad.

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