iPhone 14 Pro Max Unboxing and Initial Impressions!

Today lets unbox and get some hands on time with the brand-new iPhone 14 pro max!

The Best Accessories for YOUR iPhone 14 Pro Max!

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———————What Gear I Recommend!——————————

—————What Gear I Use!————————————————


  1. I love watching that can’t afford😅

  2. Apple is doing a horrible job in America right now and we’re all extremeoy furious. The people who pre order on the very first day are forced to wait until October 17th for their phones, meanwhile people are just walking into stores and buying them or getting them delivered after Buy it Now today on Sept 16th. That’s really just not right or fair at all. I don’t have another Thousand Dollars to go buy another one. I saved up for months for this. This is my first preorder on Apple. And I will NEVER, ever do it again. I’ll never preorder another iPhone. That’s like a total slap in the face to the people who waited all night and day for the pre order to finally go through.

  3. I remember always on display was big 5 years ago. Apple fans just have to wait generally 5 years to get the benifits of latest tech which sucks.

  4. Hmm no need sim card then how i call someone using this iPhone 14 Pro Max

  5. Should get your camera nearer to the phone so i can actually see that phone

  6. Question for geeks out there, :). I need your help, I have Iphone 8Plus, idem size than mine, would be the 14 pro or 14 pro Max, thank you very much and I appreciate your input. 🖖🏼

  7. Switching from iPhone 11 to iPhone 14 Pro Max. Can’t wait to get the third camera, 48MP, OLED, and the pill shape dynamic island. Excited.

  8. سبحان الله وبحمده
    سبحان الله العظيم

  9. Thanks, dad! 😜 Picking up my purple 512gb iPhone 14 pro max preorder today! Wohooo! Yeah, baby!!! Yahoo!!! Go dads!

  10. Vintage Bleached Blonde

    I wish people would stop saying that fingerprints the shiny sides are beautiful those people in the real world use a case anyways

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