iPhone 14/Pro Impressions: Welcome to Dynamic Island!

iPhone 14 first look, and hands-on with the dynamic island AKA The Pill!

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Check out the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max at https://geni.us/r3Wf
Check out the Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Plus at https://geni.us/ToG9lSv

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  1. Apple, please just give me a dark green iPhone Mini with USB-C. Thats all I desire. Im gutted that they discontinued the mini. They should have refined it and kept it as an option alongside the other sizes. I guess the economics of manufacturing it weren’t worth the comparatively low sales. It’s a shame, though, I really want a small-ish phone.

  2. touchbar in notch just taking more money in other region

  3. That Macbook with a windows wallpaper tho!

  4. woah woah woah, all aside, but why is there windows logo on a mac? lol

  5. I liked the notch. It gave it an authentic personality, design wise.

  6. Love the iPhone but this looks like it’s gonna be similar to the MacBook touchbar. Just not used much. It would’ve made some sense if placed on a more accessible part of the phone like towards the bottom.

  7. Same stuff different year. All the money without innovation.

  8. Okay. Creative enough. Google, work on it ASAP.

  9. MKBHD: Hey what’s up…

    Me looking at the Windows wallpaper on a MacBook

  10. Still waiting for folding iPhone

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