iPhone 14 eSIM Controversy Explained

Apple iPhone 14 eSIM is here. Some folks are maddened.
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  1. I wont be surprised if Apple started their own cellular service and health insurance with the direction they’re going with their products. lol

  2. Overpriced and lightyears behind the competition.

  3. Apple is really starting to run out of things to remove from the iPhone what’s next the lightning por oh wait…

  4. This is a deal breaker for me. I am cancelling my iPhone 14 preorder now.

  5. I doubt apple will bring it back and other companies will follow apple removed the headphone jack and that had huge backlash yet they kept with it and other companies followed.

  6. this killed it for me.. Samsung forever

  7. I don’t think anyone should be on board with Apple pushing e-sim, honestly nothing they do is to benefit the consumer. Plus I still don’t see them adopting usb-c when everyone has already done so.

  8. They literally have disposable phone vending machines. You swap your sim into them or use the one in the device. Wonder how that works now. Is that what you mean by burner phone?

  9. So that’s why Apple did it they want to charge more money outside the US and make sure that the US can’t get people of better deals on their phone, they always find a new way to squeeze out that extra penny out of you or in this case couple hundred dollars. Just start using WhatsApp, no SIM required always available to get access. Maybe this will be the first thing an android does not follow Apple

  10. You just hit all nails y the head, total global control one step at time. iPhone is a big part of the movement in NWO… no additional comments

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