iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro 2!

First look at the new iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro 3!

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Sony a7s III – https://geni.us/qNnJ
Sony a1 – https://geni.us/z21JP
Sony a7 IV – https://geni.us/BBL26o
Insta 360 ONE X2 – https://geni.us/UEXR
Insta 360 ONE RS – https://geni.us/FXer
Insta 360 GO2 – https://geni.us/D7Y8j

Sony GM 24-70mm – https://geni.us/22tKtQs
Sony GM 16-35mm – https://geni.us/vwolf
Sony GM 50mm – https://geni.us/gxDS
Sony GM 135mm – https://geni.us/R46usnU
Sony GM 85mm – https://geni.us/diFZAJ

Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless – https://geni.us/eaUR
Sony XLR Adapter – https://geni.us/TfEu
Sony Hot Shoe Shotgun – https://geni.us/eqim0
Tiny Sony Microphone – https://geni.us/hjmjD

DJI Mavic 3 – https://geni.us/WIV9BMq
DJI Mini 2 – https://geni.us/Jz85O
DJI Air 2S – https://geni.us/RaBW61

Aputure 600d Pro – https://geni.us/uKRvYQ
Aputure Light Dome II – https://geni.us/M1MUS
Aputure Amaran 200d – https://geni.us/8I5a
Aputure 35in Light Dome – https://geni.us/DOJNEo
Aputure Lantern Softbox – https://geni.us/0b4zBFR

Sony CF Express A 160g + Card Reader- https://geni.us/Gku22
Sony CF Express A 800g – https://geni.us/p3RtyR

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  1. Putu Kusuma Negara

    Hello I’s Put from Bali
    Amazing Justine. I Always wait every year for Apple videos from you. You are the best literally the only Apple enthusiast.

  2. Dang I hope they come with at least 1 or 2 colors for the 14 pro. I mean the deep purple is so random 😣

  3. Buy me one

  4. Love your video from india ❤️

  5. Have you recovered from your covid vaccination

  6. Super excited. Again

  7. More garbage from this shit company. Every year its the same device and the iSheeps lose their minds over it.

  8. Thios woman has not aged for a decade. what is this black magic?

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