iPhone 13 Pro Max – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 are unleashing soon. #iPhone13ProMax #iOS15 #Apple
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This is the iPhone 13 Pro Max unboxing and everything you desired to knowI show you what comes in the box, discuss price, specifications, and take a look at the cameras.

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  1. Are you picking up a new iPhone this year and if so which one? Thanks for watching, it is much appreciated.

    • Picking up the Pro Max in blue tomorrow

    • To be honest Apple needs to make it’s basic iphone versions 256gb people this days deserve so much more space than just 128gb 128gb is nothing this days

    • i used to buy new iphones every year since iphone 10 but changed my mind this year as its almost the same as iphone 12 pro except the color. may be next year. by the way nice review keep it up.

  2. Same iphone over and over, glad i switched to Samsung now I finally upgraded lol

  3. Brilliant iPhone

  4. Yessss Zollo on trending!!

  5. Subscribed

  6. Same phone than prevoious model,nothing special…And of course the price tag is unreal… It’s chinese phone for me this year,Samsung and Apple are just a JOKE compare to cheaper Xioami.

  7. 120Hz: if you ever use this on a android phone in the last 4 or so years.. you know…

  8. im so happy you talked about the display temperature, ive been looking for someone to talk about that

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