iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!

iPad OS (also known as iOS 13 for iPad) wholly upgrades my verdict on iPad Pro as a product. And I DIDN’T EVEN MENTION MOUSE SUPPORT! Favorite software update of the year.

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  1. So this only for iPad pro?
    And can this be download this on an ipad air 2?

  2. New launcher only?

  3. Now these is a iPad not an bigger iPhone

  4. Is that a marble decorated case on the iPad he’s using?

  5. Thamsanqa Mvayo

    The iPadOS finally completes the case for why there are super powerful and ultra expensive iPads Pro in the iPad lineup.

  6. Where’s that case from?

  7. Why can’t Apple be as imaginative with iPhone software as they are with iPad?

  8. What about coder should they buy it instead of a laptop

  9. josh786manchester

    Can you upload video on youtube desktop and use all the youtube video editing features such as blurr feature for hiding speedo on motor vlogg videos?

  10. My Samsung tablet did a this like 7 years ago…

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