iPad Mini 2021 Review: Pocketable Power!

iPad mini 2021 is the refresh this form factor deserved.

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Tablet provided by Apple for review.


  1. Two kg cocain for frieghting

  2. You get the one with SIM card, and there you have it, a big screen smartphone

  3. Awesome intro

  4. Face ID is not safe, any stranger can force you to unlock banks apps. I would buy if it had brought a bigger screen (more close to 9″ from first original iPad), but smaller frames and almost same body.

  5. I am a proud owner of iPad mini 2. Still going strong after 8 years. The screen is unbeatable to this date.

  6. Good for gaming

  7. The spicy colon surprisingly print because appendix optimally dust including a large lentil. detailed, psychotic hubcap

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