iOS 16 – 16 TIPS & TRICKS!

iOS 16 is currently available as a free software update for the iPhone 13 all the way down to the iPhone 8, and there are so many new hints, tricks, and hidden features in this update that you need to understand about. Like how to customize your lock screen, how to re-enable battery percentage on the most up-to-date iPhones, how to enable haptic feedback on your iOS keyboard, how to use Face ID in panorama mode, a new hidden folder in pictures, and a lot more! Please tell me what your favorite feature is in the remarks below!


  1. You are all blowing this video up! Thank you 🙏 BTW, for those asking about the wallpaper follow me on twitter: I’ll have more news soon… also you might want to follow me anyway for something else fun I have planned for the iPhone launch on Friday 👀

  2. So apple didn’t make the iTunes stopping popping up on the Lock Screen nor make it so you can do other things while listening to a voice text or let it continue to play once it blacks out orrrrrr allow you to scroll through the text thread while listening or start stop scroll and pause

  3. Didn’t there used to be a “t” or two in the word Button? Or is it now Bu’on?

  4. Eddie Getdown Ortiz


  5. I don’t have the option edit or unsend for the messages ?

  6. the only thing i don’t like about ios 16 is the fact that your focus thing that used to be under your time on your lock screen is on its now super small and at the bottom rather than under the time like before, but everything else is super cool, i love how customizable everything is

  7. Ok how do you keep your home screen from changing when you change your lockscreen seems like a glitch or an oversight

  8. Steve Jobs on the hidden album, hilarious 🤣

  9. The cheaters are going to love the hidden photo lock feature 😆🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. I cant seem to get the blur background portion to work on wallpaper. Are there any specific settings I need to have configured? I’ve tried changing reduce motion off and on and it’s still not working.

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