iOS 13 & iPadOS Unveiled!

iOS 13 & iPadOS Finally Announced! 2x swifter, dark mode, advanced camera & photographs, all-new maps, look around & SO so much more..

iPhone 11 most up-to-date leaks.


  1. Joana de Palol

    Anyone saw the bts album there??

  2. 11:01 $999, not $1999. For reference, go to 1:42:04 in Apple’s keynote

  3. Mythical ArcticNinja

    Hehe the IpadOS is beautiful

  4. Too bad Ipad mini 3/4 dont get the update, but it s already slower then it was new on ios 12 anyway :)) still works better and faster then a new Android tablet, v happy with that litlle fker. Now it remains to be seen if the new ios 13 slows down older models like 8, 8 plus and X to force people into updating their device.

  5. When is it released?

  6. so, the new mac pro is going to be really powerful but can i play video games?

  7. TheRealDealYTPs

    Would be cool if they could support anything that’s not the newest device.

  8. Does iOS 13 work on iPhone 7?

  9. How many damn adverts to ignore skip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m so excited for dark mode! As a person who is very sensitive I light im hoping this will help cut down on my number of headaches and migraines.

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