Investigating an Abandoned $100,000,000 Luxury Resort

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  1. Honestly it rubbed me the wrong way that after talking so much abt everything being in it’s place and the culture of not stealing anything etc, you decided to take the camera. Like I get that if you didn’t it would just stay there and break down but it made it seem like you respected the rules just to a point where your curiosity won over. I’m not trying to be hateful, just honest from a longtime subscriber.

  2. justwant2travel

    I liked the hotel

  3. Watcher of Videos, Waster of Time

    To highlight my impressions of this video and your channel I’d like to point to Logan Paul’s(?) video where they visited the “suicide forest”. For me the difference is that you show respect, to the places, the people and the historical and societal contexts that you make videos about and puts your food on your table. Taking the time to show this respect is a virtue and worth our time to develop so I thank you for showing that. Showing the pictures in the camera is an interesting discussion, in the one case you could argue that it’s a breach of privacy and in the other it can be a powerful source of empathy for people not connected to oneself which also is a trait worth developing. Thank you for the thought provoking content!

  4. Cameron-Dane Bates

    One of the best episodes I’ve watched

  5. book me a room.

  6. oldhongkong565

    Can anyone tell me why wear a sun glass on a not so sunny day and on an island with no one else ?

  7. 18:00 why are they whispering?

  8. You should not have developed those pictures. REDRUM

  9. Truly a liminal space! It’s beautiful but provokes discomfort at the same time. Great job guys!

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