Introducing Stretch

Meet Stretch, a prototype of our new robot designed to automate box moving projects in warehouses and distribution centers. Stretch’s mobile base permits it to visit where repetitive box hoisting is essential – unloading trucks, building pallets of boxes and order building. Stretch makes storehouse operations more efficient and more secure for personnel.

Stretch’s science constructs upon our decades of improvements in robotics to create a nimble, effortlessly built-in solution that can be deployed in any storehouse. Learn more at


  1. I will never understand how they can make even the most mundane robots look cool

  2. Is it even a BD video if two adolescent robots don’t awkwardly share a first dance with each other?

  3. how will it lift boxes with items heavier than the strength of the box allows… correct me if im wrong but boxes are designed and fabricated to be supported from the bottom..

  4. Uh oh

  5. Joshua Van Raden

    Imagine two of these ripping a grown human in half. That is the future.

  6. Welcome to the future. These are all of our jobs down the drain

  7. these robots are built so well tht i cant tell if its extra good cgi or extra good robot building

  8. There’ll be riots soon if you keep showing off your cool efficient human replacing bots

  9. Impressive empty boxes

  10. Damn BD really trynna get that Amazon contract huh

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