Instructing my Coworker how to make spinned ice cream


  1. M o o n L i g h t


  2. *Dani Razooqi asked*

    The two text: FiRsT

  3. dude just put her on blast and it trended. what a savage.

  4. Wait wh- why did Dani gave me a heart?- Anyways, nope I don’t know. sorry (hope someone will answer ur question)

  5. Holy fuck, that text-to-speech is the most obnoxious shit.

  6. ThrustFrom Behind

    He wouldn’t be teaching the coworker if it was a guy or if she was ugly.

  7. butterknifes girl

    I’ll eat that in no time, damn she is good

  8. Sorry I don’t check the trending page lol

  9. Nathan’s Aussie Fishing Adventures


  10. If she’s gonna eat it ok
    But her chewing gum with her mouth opened over someone’s food ain’t right

  11. lil bit rude but all good

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