Instagram Boomers

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  1. Dominik Holewinski

    I’m not a boomer, but GofT was also GofP (porn) at some points. If they had removed that stuff (which is totally unnecessary) they would have had a much bigger/diverse audience.

  2. Remember Rin Tin Tin?

  3. The tide is high and so am I

    Boo I expected a better pinned comment

  4. “I may harass customer service workers who are just trying to do their jobs but at least I still say ‘excuse me’!”

  5. Remember YouTube comments?

  6. Drew kinda looks like he poorly matched his foundation shade.

  7. My grandpa and I used to watch old tv shows, like andy griffith, this brought back memories, lol

  8. I like how they take so much pride in how they were raised, as if it was a personal accomplishment, but in the same breath shits on millenials/gen z for not being raised right… as if it WASN’T their personal doing.

  9. WhatsApp is flooded with boomers

  10. As a young person who writes in cursive, their hyperfixation on it is so weird to me. i’m not special, my printing just looks like trash.

  11. We love drew being a feminist

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