Inside the Rimac Nevera: The $2.5 Million Dollar Electric Supercar!

0-60 in 1.7 seconds? Let’s take a look inside the fastest electric car ever made

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro


  1. 💦Mary : tар tо mееt wiт' mе💦

    the design of Nevera is completely in-house, merger with Bugatti happened after Nevera was already presented

  2. I like this video more than the main channel one, tbh.

  3. “I’m here in Ohio…”

  4. has 90s look to it

  5. Try the Batista next!!

  6. DontBanMeBroDontBanMe!

    Imagine uttering the sentence, “To make this race fair, I’m going to give the Porsche 911 Turbo S a 2 second head start.”!!!! Yikes. But then again, at $2.5 million, there will be very few people who can afford it!

  7. 😢

  8. I’m a bit surprised Marq’ was allowed to drag the car being uber rich and all,,,,

  9. Is this the selfie camera of the new z fold? 🫠

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