Inside the NBA responds to Pat Bev & DeAndre Ayton Altercation

Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns – Full Game Highlights | November 22, 2022 | 2022-23 NBA Season
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  1. That’s the problem, BM making excuses for BM degenerate behavior. That’s why the community will never get better. Bc some of those degenerates k!ll!ng and terrorizing the communities.

  2. What happened to aidens tough guy act when luka was it town in the playoffs oh he crying like a little baby because his coach says he lazy and doesn’t give consistent effort you did that with Austin reaves?Try luka when he shoots in your face the next time you see him you won’t because own coach questions your guts.

  3. I absolutely loved the part where the young shoppers said Its young shoppin time and then proceeded to viciously young shop all over the floor.

  4. He shudnt have stood over him

  5. AR15 tell the other Lakers don’t come to school tomorrow after this

  6. AD look like he wearing shoulder pads

  7. Pat Beverly did the right thing. You don’t accept insult and taunt just like that. To Booker the boy, stop playing dirty if you don’t want to be pushed on your back.

  8. 33rd freemasonry coon.

  9. Hilarious, Barkley” Mahorn can’t fight, same for Salley. Rodman, Laimbeer.

  10. 8:24 I love that he listed 3 guys and could have kept going for the heat. a lot of goons on that squad for decades.

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