Inside the Lab: Taking Atlas From Sim to Scaffold

How does Atlas recognize and interact with items? How do we develop new Atlas behaviors? Why is manipulation important for the future of robotics?

Join our team in the Atlas lab to discover the answers to these questions and more. Keep reading on our blog:

00:00: Introduction
01:57: Perception and Manipulation
05:11: Electrical Doctors
06:29: Developing in Simulation
07:13: “Sick Trick”
08:24: What’s Next?

#BostonDynamics #robotics


  1. ATLAS FOR MARS!!! …. in 15 years …

  2. You guys are definitely apart of the problem… also the ones that need to be put down for good and your documents/ files

  3. Why Atlas is not a centaur? Centaur would be able to handle much heavier loads while hot struggling with balancing. We evolved from Tetrapoda but Hexapoda animals are much more common, why making it look like humans and inherit all the human problems?

  4. How long before you start shipping to Ukraine ?

  5. Honestly amazing , realizing how much work, how many programs and projects go into just a simple move . I love it , I want more .

  6. It’s so weird she has a hole in her mouth.

  7. Канат Джакупов

    good job 👍👏👏👏

  8. Imagine using AI to enable the robot to intuitively learn how to walk and move with stability, the same way humans intuitively know how not to fall over. It would fail at first, but learn to walk like a toddler would.

  9. Great! Amazing

  10. Scary stuff.

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