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Today Architectural Digest is gladly received to the arid American Southwest by NBA all-star Devin Booker for a tour of his trendy and inviting mansion in the shadow of the Phoenix Mountains. While Booker is broadly considered amidst the NBA’s most bright young stars, his origins tell a humbler story. “When I was a child growing up in Michigan, I would close my eyes before bed and imagine what my residence might one day look like.” With an assist from L.A.-based AD100 firm Clements Design and in cooperation with L.A.-based Karan Brady Interiors, that dream is currently an actuality. With retracting partitions of glass and a yard that brags a Bali-inspired swimming pool, a firepit, and a guesthouse, the young celeb knows that wheresoever the rigors of an NBA season may take him, this customized oasis will be waiting upon his return.

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Entertain the Devin way. Long and low sectionals lend a relaxed vibe to the rec room where his towering teammates can sprawl out, and a lifted games setup is made for play. 

(comparable) Mags Soft Low Sectional: 
(comparable) Todd Sectional Chaise Sofa with Ottoman: 
(comparable) Premium Suede Pillow Cover:
(comparable) Italian Velvet Pillow Cover:
(comparable) Fritz Round Tray Top Coffee Table:
(comparable) Wade Nesting Coffee Table: 
(comparable) Mongolian Cashmere Throw: 
(comparable) Centreville Wide Swivel Chair: 

Get the look of Devin’s worldly dining area with considerate details.  

(comparable) Form Studies Bowls: 
Light Chandelier by Franz West:
(comparable) Footed Decorative Bowl: 
Pierre Jeanneret Office Cane Chair:
(comparable) Dunewood Charcoal 92″ Dining Table: 
(comparable) Rocklin Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table:

Devin’s comforting and grounded vibe is on full display in the workplace space with sheepskin chairs, antique desk, and leather couch. 

Renzo Schirolli Desk: 
(comparable) The Perry Chair: 
(comparable) Remain lounge chair: 
(comparable) Jonathan Leather Extended Sofa: 
(comparable) Sixties Vintage Emeraldite Shade Brass Banker Lamp: 

Beneficiant textures and earth tones continue in the pool-facing bedroom. 

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair In Edelman Leather:
(comparable) Single-Pelt Sheepskin Rug: 
(comparable) Faux Sheepskin Rug: 
(comparable) Light Wood African Senufo Stool:
(comparable) Teak Stool: 
(comparable) Anne Bolster Pillow, Light Gray Linen: 
(comparable) Pure Wool Throw Blanket:  

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Inside NBA Star Devin Booker’s Stylish Desert Oasis | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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  2. Joaquin Villalovos

    What a crib🔥

  3. Beautiful home

  4. A man of good taste! In beautiful women (Kendall duh) and interior decor. Stunning home, was super impressed

  5. after the lime incident, i wonder the candies were staged..

  6. Wow — sleek and spectacular, but not hard-edged and severe like some modern design schemes. However, the “chandelier” made me laugh out loud… is that from high-school shop class?

  7. Something Seems Off

    He’s only 25 years old… Wow! props to him!

  8. Was that not a floating box of light?

  9. Nice home and nice gentlemen

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