Insane Water Slides!

We discovered and responded to the world’s weirdest water slips. If you watch to the end you will see my favorite one.


  1. Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe 😀

  2. So one time I was riding on this really slippery water slide that always changed direction and just slammed me into the corners of the slide. Long story short, I scrapped the upper right corner of my head until it bled. This happened when I was 6.

  3. the waterslide at 7;23 is also banned I think.

  4. Technical Faisal iqbal

    This is Great insane 😂

  5. tik tok pullingo

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  6. Chocolates inside burger ? 🤔
    Sounds good

  7. Im from poland and i was in that slide, and ITS COOL

  8. Hey Mr chris weres Mr bro

  9. You guys are so funny❤️

  10. SONG TIME >:)

    I love you you love me
    We’re a great big family
    Let’s go out to kill barny
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    No more purple dinosaur

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