Insane footage of flooding in Las Vegas! Rain water is flowing through the ceiling of casinos!

A footage of flooding in Las Vegas over evening, rain water is flowing through the ceiling of casinos.
The airfield, the whole Strip, and assorted casinos have all been swamped in floodwaters in Las Vegas Nevada. The Las Vegas Strip, which is home to some of the most famed casinos and hotels on earth, was totally inundated on Thursday evening. Rain water is flowing through the ceiling of casinos!

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  1. Oh also for every “thought and prayer” another homeless person dies…

  2. Sodom or Gamora

  3. If any place I wanted to see destroyed, this is one on the top of my list. How many lives destroyed?

  4. It doesn’t take much rain to flood vegas because the entire cities drainage system is garbage

  5. Like a mini hurricane in the desert.

  6. This is just a prelude to what will happen very soon. We’re being warned. Very few people have a true understanding of current events.

  7. Why would they drain under lake mead. .

  8. 3:24 *look at all that garbage, just like America itself*



  10. If they were smart they’d reclaim the water with equipment

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