Infinite Donations Glitch – Instant Rewards Community Event With Treasure Coordinates

This will allow you to speedily and effortlessly unlock all of the community event prizes using an unlimited donations glitch.

Hola chicos, estáis aquí por un blunder de donaciones infinitas. Para progresar en el evento de la comunidad, puede donar coordenadas del tesoro. Puede generar coordenadas de la nada. Necesitas la ventaja de bajo un estandarte y el rumoreado mapa del tesoro en el mapa estelar para que esto funcione. Ten algunos fragmentos de mapa contigo.
Coloca un costoso mapa del tesoro. Entonces dona tus coordenadas al evento. Tendrás 0 coordenadas pero podemos hacer algunas. Cambia entre tu mapa rumoreado y tu mapa caro repetidamente. El conteo de las coordenadas de tu tesoro aumentará. Continúe hasta que pueda cambiar a un mapa diferente. Luego intercambie entre esos dos hasta que tenga 300 coordenadas nuevamente. Ranura tu mapa caro. Donar coordenadas y repetir. Esto desbloqueará rápidamente todas las recompensas del evento, como el caparazón fantasma. No hay mucho más para eso. La primera personal identity en mencionar esto fue slammywhammy.


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  1. How to skip collecting captains coins and get the rewards

  2. “Have you seen this video?” Yes at least 5 times now going on 6 today and its not even 9:10 in the morning. =)

  3. nice vedio

  4. Plague tale’s ending was phenomenol, never has such an experience pierced my heart

  5. I cant believe after reading all of those notes, Rose was still like yeah I still want to go through with this quote

  6. Its patched now BUT, I found the planet material is the absolute fastest! I got the ghost shell in 10 seconds. It lets you donate planet material and right now it said i could donate Baryon Boughs, basically 1 planet material counts as a captian coin and i had a little over 2500 baryon boughs, I just turned all of them in and DONE! I havent seen anyone mention this and I know so many people are overflowing with these materials. They are going away next season so why not spend them!

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Rewatching this stuff not in remembrance but to see if I can still enjoy his content without feeling down that hes gone. I can safely say his videos will forever be a joyful watch for me, even with the knowledge of his passing.

  8. I love how his intro are different and u know he actually puts great efforts on his videos and its not ur typical stale intro that other creators do

  9. Dude I log in today and everything is done, just making me run Ketchcrash etc like always to progress/get it over with

    • Edit, did the one Ketchcrash for the coins, then toured Eliksni home, then realized my Scally title was completed, done. How uneventful never shut off my console so apathetically before. Fomo for what really

  10. Adding Spongebob into the season 3 pass for this ocean-themed season was probably their best idea yet

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