In full: The King addresses Westminster Hall

King Charles and the Queen Consort arrive at Westminster Hall to address parliament.

In the lecture, he quoted William Shakespeare in a tribute to his late mom, stating: “As Shakespeare stated of the earlier Queen Elizabeth, she was a pattern to all princes living.”


  1. i thougt the Brits are a bit more thoughtful but the first Dude 8:00 looks like he just came out of Bed 😀 and Sir Lindsay is talkin a lot of BS out of his tiny mouth. Well, thanks God for he is clearly no Habsburg after all.

    Speaking of it: I just hope Prince C will take some actions to improve your dental Care….bc thats the main thing no one likes brits

  2. The word “common” has such a denigrating tone to it. It’s so weird that people still pick such categorisation in a modern country such as Lords and commons. In fact the ‘Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the People’.

  3. A white male head of the UK and 14 other countries omg I bet there are leftards heads exploding all over the globe.

  4. Him and his wife are a joke to UK

  5. Not my king this filthy pedo. Hes just the medias king.

  6. The royal Bull💩 factory

  7. King Charles 3 is a snob

  8. So why wasn’t Queen Elizabeth able to keep her private secretary when she became Queen? There use to be a seniority and pecking order of secretaries. There are traditions and then there are not.

  9. Great now the Illuminati is really going to get what they want cuz he’s part of it the queen was against it

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