In full: Queen’s grandchildren hold vigil around the monarch’s coffin

The Queen’s eight grandchildren have held a vigil around the monarch’s coffin as she lies in state in Westminster Hall in advance of the state funeral on Monday.


  1. I love the way Prince Harry and Prince William unite with each other may God keep them safe

  2. Society is messed up though…I understand its a tradition and all that…but it feels like a spectacle or a play where everyone just has to watch it…i just find it weird and rude how random people just want to see a coffin with grieving people around it

  3. Proud customers of Epstein

  4. Down with the Monarchy, down with the redcoats and down with the queen! God bless the USA 🇺🇸

  5. Feel sorry for those Guards. I’m getting on and can’t stand still for 5 mins.

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